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What is a heated vacuum chamber?
The HeatVac is a medical grade vacuum chamber with an internal temperature controlled work surface. The heated work surface is digitally controlled, and is able to maintain a set temperature while the vacuum is constant.

What is the HeatVac heated vacuum chamber used for?
The HeatVac heated vacuum chamber provides a cost effective, quick, and highly accurate method for extracting pure essential oils from organic material, such as Cannabis, hemp, hops, lavender, rose petals, peppermint, vanilla, eucalyptus, sage, patchouli, and many others.

What is different about the HeatVac model versus other vacuum chambers?
The HeatVac products combine two complementary processes during extraction; vacuum and heat. Most vacuum chambers do not have the added advantage of an internal heat source. Heat causes gasses to expand and the material to become melted, ultimately making it easier for the gas or solvent to be removed from the material.  As a result, using HeatVac makes the process of extraction quick and creates the purest essential oil.

What are the possible applications for the HeatVac?
- Extractions of essential oils from organic material (ex. Hops, lavender, rose
  petals, peppermint, vanilla) processed by a variety of solvents.
- Degassing silicone for molded figurines or pen blanks
- Degassing of burlwood
- Embedding medical devices with various protective compounds
- Potting (sealing) of electronics
- Laboratory grade chemical drying

Can the HeatVac be used for BHO extraction?
BHO extraction requires specific conditions and accuracy in temperature to achieve a desired consistency and removal of the most-possible residual solvent. To preserve the delicate aromas and flavors known as Terpenes, a low consistent temperature is used to keep the essential oils in a viscous or liquid state while the vacuum pump runs for several hours or even days to produce the highest quality pure essential oils.

Can I use any kind of solvent in the HeatVac?
Yes, most solvents can be used in the HeatVac.

Can I use the HeatVac to create other essential oils as well?
Yes, the HeatVac heated vacuum chamber can be used to extract pure essential oils from not only cannabis and hemp buds, but also many other types of organic material (ex. Hops, lavender, rose   petals, peppermint, vanilla).

What are Cannabinoids and how are they beneficial?
Cannabinoids are a group of chemicals found in cannabis that have been found to be extremely beneficial to health and disease resistance while not possessing any of the impairment of the THC found in most cannabis.  Cannabinoids (specifically CBD or Cannabidiol) are leading the way to new treatments of degenerative diseases, and new legislation across the country is making CBD-based medicine much more accessible.

How do I assemble the Hose and Gauge kit?
If you ordered a hose and gauge set, cut the hose in half and insert the plastic tee in between the two pieces. Cut off another 3-4” from one end, and use it to connect the gauge to the tee. Discard extra parts. Connect to pump using included threaded adapter. View our videos here for assembly instructions.

Is my pump supposed to smoke or get hot?
The pump will smoke until full vacuum is reached if the system has a leak. It has a large fan and is designed to dissipate heat. It can get quite hot when left on for long periods of time. This is normal. Once the pump is hooked up to the chamber, and the pump pulls all the air from the chamber, in 15-20 seconds it will stop smoking. Be sure extra black pump port caps are tightened to prevent leaks.

Does my pump adapter need Teflon or Plumber's tape?
The included pump adapter is constructed with a special type of thread designed to be air-tight without the use of any Teflon- or Plumber's tape. Use a wrench to moderately hand-tighten the pump adapter. Use your hand to snugly tighten the black cap connected to the other unused pump port.

How can I keep the HeatVac O-Ring from coming unseated?
We recommend using a small amount of Silicone glue to secure the O-Ring without compromising the airtight seal. Place two to three small drops of Silicone in the O-Ring groove and spread around with a finger. Re-seat the O-Ring in the groove. Use a paper towel to wipe up any excess Silicone.  Allow to dry overnight.

Is my HeatVac safe to use with solvent-based chemicals?
The HeatVac is designed to degas or purge materials produced by an extraction of organic plant matter (such as BHO or essential oils). The
HeatVac is designed to be resistive to solvent vapors and the materials used in its construction are well-reviewed by several published chemical reports.  Please contact us for more information on this topic.

Is my HeatVac safe to heat?
The HeatVac uses a unique suspended aluminum heated work-surface. The aluminum disc is suspended inside the chamber, allowing the work-surface to be heated without heating the exterior of the chamber.

How do I clean the HeatVac?
A damp cloth containing isopropyl alcohol has been found to be a great low cost cleaning solvent easily purchased at your local pharmacy.

Will I need replacement parts?
The HeatVac is constructed of high quality parts designed to
last many years.

What do I do if I have an issue with my HeatVac?
If you have any issues with any part of your HeatVac, please contact us immediately by emailing  Within 6 months of purchase, we will replace or repair (at our discretion) any item free of charge (1 year on pumps).  After that time will make reasonable arrangements with you to repair items at as low a cost as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions