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HeatVac Informational Videos

HeatVac Assembly Instructions:

HeatVac Temp Control Demo:

Instructions for using the HeatVac:

Click here for a PDF of HeatVac instructions using Fahrenheit temp control.

Click here for a PDF of HeatVac instructions using Celcius temp control.

The Degassing and Extracting Process Using HeatVac:

  1. Newly extracted organic material resin/solvent mixture is placed in HeatVac chamber.
  2. User sets the ideal temperature using digital temperature control.  Aluminum work surface is heated, thus heating product to ideal temperature.
  3. HeatVac vacuum pump evacuates the chamber of air and builds negative air pressure (vacuum).
  4. Temperature feedback data is used to maintain accurate temperature of surface and product.
  5. Resin/solvent mixture is degassed, removing residual solvents in oil through the combination of heat and vacuum.
  6. Allows the introduction of air back into chamber for rising and falling of product (aka "muffin")
  7. Amber colored, purified essential oil remains.

What a Heated Vacuum Chamber Does:

The HeatVac is a medical grade heated vacuum chamber, which provides a cost effective, quick, and accurate method for degassing pure essential oils from any organic material such as hemp, hops, lavender, rose petals, peppermint, vanilla, eucalyptus, sage, patchouli, and many others.

The HeatVac products combine two complementary processes during extraction; vacuum and heat. The HeatVac has an internal temperature controlled work surface. The heated work surface is digitally controlled, and is able to maintain a set temperature while the vacuum is constant. Most vacuum chambers do not have the added advantage of an internal heat source. Heat causes gasses to expand and the material to become melted, ultimately making it easier for the gas or solvent to be removed from the material. As a result, using HeatVac makes the process of degassing quick and creates the purest essential oil.

How It Works

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